Hammer & Snail

full moon earrings in brass

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Hammer & Snail's most popular design, available in Brass as a sustainable alternative to gold plated jewellery.

The Moon has played a significant role in the mythology and culture of ancient Ireland. In Celtic mythology, the moon was often associated with the Goddess Arianrhod, who was believed to control the cycles of life and rebirth. Today, the moon continues to hold significance in modern Irish culture, with the lunar cycle being used as a symbol of renewal and spiritual growth. 

As these pieces are handmade, most of them are made to order, which means from start to finish, the piercing, sawing, filing, soldering, pickling and packaging is all done with you in mind, just for you! Therefore please bear in mind that the designs might slightly differ from that in the photo.

Please allow between 3-14 days for your order to be made, prepared and shipped