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spiral choker

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These swirl chokers, available in Sterling Silver or brass, will surely make a statement. Inspired by Torc (or Torque) Jewellery traditionally worn by the Celts; it is a symbol of sturdiness and craftsmanship. These ancient pieces have stood the test of time. 

Spirals have had a significant influence on ancient Ireland, with their presence being found in various forms of art and symbolism. One of the most notable examples is found in the megalithic tombs, such as Newgrange, which date back to 3,200 BCE. These tombs feature intricate spiral carvings on their stones, which are believed to represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The spirals can also be found in the Celtic knotwork, which was used in various forms of decorative art and jewellery. The Celts believed that the spirals represented the interconnectedness of all things, and the infinite nature of the universe.

Each piece is made specifically for every individual. There is an ancient tradition whereby a torc must be gifted to you. When you buy a swirl choker, you can send me your exact measurements, and the piece will be made specifically to fit your unique self. 

How to measure 

You can measure your neck by placing measuring tape or string around the neck at the height you would like your swirl choker to be. Do not crane your neck or squeeze your chin down. The tape should rest lightly on the skin, and not squeezing it. Don't worry if you only have an estimate, the chokers are adjustable. 

Please allow between 3-14 days for your order to be made, prepared and shipped