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made slow, with love

Made to order jewellery that doesn't cost the Earth. hammer & snail is inspired and respective of nature. With recycled materials, and the use of sustainable packaging, this jewellery is designed and created for you to cherish and live in. Each piece has a story, inspired by nature, ancient adornments or traditional monuments; with a playful and modern twist

Pieces are made in small batches with the Earth in mind, giving back to mother Earth and the metals she creates. The deliberate and considered approach to creation serves as a reminder to slow down the pace and consider the world around us.

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sustainability & the environment

materials & practice

hammer & snail is always working toward using 100% sustainable materials and utilising environmentally friendly practices. The majority of metals used are recycled. We avoid processes which are environmentally harmful, and use natural alternatives. 

We use brass as an alternative to gold plating, which is an unsustainable option due to it being non-recyclable, the use of harsh chemicals and other environmental threats.


hammer & snail is a slow fashion brand. All jewellery is designed and handmade in Northern Ireland. 

We create jewellery that can be worn all day every day, to fit in with your lifestyle and to be cherished for years to come. All jewellery comes in packaging that stores and protects your piece(s). With wear, it is normal that precious metals will slightly tarnish over time. Head on over to our post on how to care for your jewellery to ensure your pieces live a long and happy life!


In order to work toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world, we aim to make use of all materials without waste. All scrap material is melted down to make new pieces or recycled.

All packaging used is carefully considered to protect jewellery while also being kinder to our environment. Jewellery boxes are natural, undyed and recyclable; with cork inserts. Cork biodegrades completely and can easily be recycled without producing any toxic residues.

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