How to Care for your Jewellery



Sterling Silver

Dab with any household liquid soap, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Rings which are worn frequently shouldn't need washed independently as they will be washed when you shower or wash dishes. If you are not wearing your jewellery frequently, make sure that you store it in a clean, dry and enclosed space away from direct sunlight to avoid tarnishing or oxidisation. A silver polishing cloth is also an amazing thing to have as it freshens up your jewellery and has it looking like new! 

Brass & Copper

Brass and copper are both beautiful metals, they are a reflection of the elements around it, one of the reasons why it is so magical! However, this does mean that the item you buy may change colour over time. All pieces are treated with Renaissance Wax by me. Having some fine steel wool, or a polishing cloth will help take some of the oxidisation off the piece <3 

Rest assured that all Hammer & Snail pieces are made from high purity precious metals, ensuring that we can make the things we sell live a long and happy life with you!