About Hammer & Snail

Hammer & Snail was a little seed of an idea that I dreamt up years ago, and something I am very fortunate to have been able to create and nurture over the past year. 


There are a lot of reasons why I chose this name. Firstly, I love swirls! I am sure that is evident within a lot of my designs. I am fascinated with how the lines move around one another, revolving around the centre point. This is part of the reason why I love snails, their spiral shells - unique to only them - are their little fortress! However, another reason is that it is a great reminder to slow down. As a maker, I really want to be conscious about what I put out into the world, and ensure that it is made with purpose. I don't want to contribute to the decline of our environment, and this is something that is so important to me. Because of this, I use recycled silver and brass where possible, and recyclable packaging. Please do reach out if you have any questions!